Survive Holiday Stress – These Foods Can Help

Fox News Health – Amie Valpone, celebrity chef and editor-in-chief of -

There are many ways to bring down your stress levels during the holidays. First and foremost is by eating magnesium-rich foods and getting at least eight hours of sleep each night.

When I was going through my decade of chronic illness I was depleted in magnesium, and I never realized that so many other people are unaware that they are also low in magnesium.

Now that I am healthy and thriving, I’m sure to eat magnesium-rich foods every day to keep my body feeling amazing. I started to learn about magnesium 30 years ago from my grandmother who raved over it and was sure to eat foods rich in it to help with stress, bodily functions, bowel movements, muscle relaxation and more.

Below (see link) I’ve listed out a few foods that are great sources of magnesium, be sure to buy these foods in their whole, raw form (not processed, roasted in canola oil, or sold with refined salt, sugar, etc.). Sadly, today’s modern food world has processed and refined many of our food choices, leaving us without the dose of magnesium in our food that our parents had many years ago.

When you find yourself stressed, have a cold, or if you are very active, you may find that eating more magnesium-rich foods helps your symptoms and makes you feel better.

Find out what these foods are here….


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