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Magnesium - Anxiety and Stress

Magnesium Relieves Anxiety & Stress

Excerpted from an article by Deane Alban – Magnesium is an essential dietary mineral that is so good for anxiety and stress that it’s been called “nature’s Valium” and “the original chill pill.” Magnesium is necessary in over 600 metabolic functions, yet it is the second most common nutritional deficiency in developed countries. (1, 2) [...]

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Children and Magnesium 2

3 Tips for Recognizing Magnesium Deficiency in Your Children

Children are just as easily affected by stress and anxiety as adults. New school, new friends, new teachers, tests, grades, peer pressure, competitive sports and relationships all or some of which may be stressful for your kids. Magnesium deficiency can come about for quite a number of reasons; from too much sugar (magnesium is required [...]

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Menu 2

A Menu for 21st Century Stress

Ashley Koff, RD – No matter the century, I think we’ve all always wanted the same thing – better health. But now in the 21st century, getting and keeping better health can feel so stressful which keeps us from our better health. The great news? Our body’s know exactly what to do with stress – [...]

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Magnesium and Vegetables

Nutrition and Anxiety

In addition to following healthy guidelines such as eating a balanced diet, drinking enough water to stay hydrated, and limiting or avoiding alcohol and caffeine, there are many other dietary considerations that can help relieve anxiety. For example, complex carbohydrates are metabolized more slowly and therefore help maintain a more even blood sugar level, which [...]

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Anti Stress Foods

Anti-Stress Foods

Chocolate milk is not the antidote for stress. The sugar and fat in chocolate releases feel-good hormones that send instant relief to our brain and make us feel better. But the truth is, the relief doesn’t last long because once the sugar crash comes we’re in a whirlwind of ups and downs until things level [...]

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images - Firbomyalgia and Magnesium Deficiency

Magnesium: The Antidote for Stress – Mark Hyman, MD

A deficiency in this critical nutrient makes you twice as likely to die as other people, according to a study published in The Journal of Intensive Care Medicine.(i) It also accounts for a long list of symptoms and diseases — which are easily helped and often cured by adding this nutrient. In fact, in my [...]

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kidney stones and magnesium

Stress, Internal Inflammation and Disease Prevention

Inflammation and systemic stress are central attributes of many pathological conditions. In magnesium we have found a potent medicinal that is effective across a wide range of pathologies. Magnesium deficiency causes and underpins chronic inflammatory build ups. This concept is intriguing because it suggests a fundamentally simpler way of warding off disease. Instead of different [...]

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Magnesium and Panic Attacks

Anxiety and Panic Attacks – Natural Solutions

Both psychological stress and biochemical factors—such as caffeine and drug use—can trigger anxiety and panic attacks. Elevated levels of lactic acid in the blood is also one of the most significant biochemical factors. When the body lacks oxygen, lactate is the final product in the breakdown of blood sugar. In fact, injecting anxiety sufferers with [...]

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Stress Magnesium and Heart Health

Stress, Magnesium and Heart Health

Stress Combined With Magnesium Deficiency Can Wreak Havoc on Your Heart. If stress hormones cause blood magnesium to fall to levels that are so low (hypomagnesemic) that the cells are abnormally low in magnesium, an indication of magnesium depletion, arterial spasms can result. How? In studies in which a volunteer was slowly infused with the [...]

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Magnesium and Stress Resistance

Magnesium and Stress Resistance

Coping With Stress – Do You Have What It Takes Nutritionally Speaking. Stresses can be emotional, such as fear, sadness, anger, or even great joy and excitement. Stresses can be caused by competition – mental or physical. They can be environmental, such as heat, cold, forced immobility, imprisonment, flashing bright lights, and loud noise, whether [...]

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