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Managing PMS

Calcium and Heart Health

A recent study entitled “More dietary calcium may lower risk of cardiovascular disease” Date:  April 3, 2016 Source: The Endocrine Society found that “In older people, higher dietary calcium intake may lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, but not of stroke and fracture, new research suggests.” Expert Commentary – Carolyn Dean, MD, ND It [...]

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Drinking Water and Minerals

Heart Health and Magnesium Content of Water

Researchers at Bar-Ilan University and Tel Hashomer Hospital in Israel have found a clear connection between the lack of magnesium in desalinated water and a higher death rate in cardiac patients. The results were based on 4,700 cases in the Acute Coronary Syndrome Israeli Survey, a long-term study which between 2002 and 2013 gathered detailed [...]

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Magnesium and Vasculitis

Magnesium vs. Statins

Comparison of Mechanism and Functional Effects of Magnesium and Statin Pharmaceuticals – Andrea Rosanoff, PhD & Mildred S. Seelig, MD. High plasma cholesterol has been acknowledged, since the mid-20th century, as a major heart disease risk factor. In the last few decades, further knowledge about cholesterol has shown that the cardiovascular risk factor is associated [...]

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Magnesium and Heart Failure Recovery

Effects of Diet and Exercise on Heart Failure Patients

Researchers evaluated the impact of sodium, potassium and magnesium ingestion on hospitalisation and death in 129 patients with heart failure over two years. Sodium intake was lower in patients who died (837 mg/day versus 1 749 mg/day, p = 0.03). Patients who consumed less than 200 mg/day of magnesium had a nearly three times higher [...]

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Magnesium Deficiency and High Blood Pressure in Children

Objective To evaluate the association of hypomagnesemia with prehypertension (preHTN) and hypertension in children. Study design A total of 3954 apparently healthy Mexican children were enrolled in a cross-sectional study. Exclusion criteria were type 2 diabetes; hepatic, renal, or endocrine disease; impaired fasting glucose; chronic diarrhea; and intake of vitamins or magnesium supplements in the [...]

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Diabetes Type 2 - Magnesium Genes and Diet

Magnesium Lowers (LDL-C) Bad Cholesterol

Abstract: Since Mg(2+)-ATP is the controlling factor for the rate-limiting enzyme in the cholesterol biosynthesis sequence that is targeted by the statin pharmaceutical drugs, comparison of the effects of Mg(2+) on lipoproteins with those of the statin drugs is warranted. Formation of cholesterol in blood, as well as of cholesterol required in hormone synthesis, and [...]

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Magnesium and Cardiovascular disease risk factors

Magnesium Positively Influences Heart Disease Risk Factors

An inverse association between magnesium in 24-h urine and cardiovascular risk factors in middle-aged subjects in 50 CARDIAC Study populations. Abstract: Serum, plasma and dietary magnesium (Mg) have been reported to be inversely associated with cardiovascular disease risk factors. We examined the associations between the 24-h urinary Mg/creatinine (Cre) ratio and cardiovascular disease risk factors, [...]

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Magnesium and Cardiac Arrest

Magnesium and Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Most men and women who succumb to heart disease die suddenly without any known history of heart problems. As I note in my 3-min. video How Do Nuts Prevent Sudden Cardiac Death?, up to 55% of men and 68% of women have no clinically recognized heart disease before sudden death. They obviously had rampant heart [...]

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Magnesium and Calcification

Magnesium and Vascular Calcification

Abstract: Vascular calcification (VC), commonly encountered in renal failure, diabetes, and aging, is associated with a large increase in the risk for cardiovascular events and mortality. Calcification of the arterial media and of heart valves clearly plays a mediating role in this regard, whereas it is less clear how calcification of plaque influences atherogenesis and [...]

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cardiovascular disease and magnesium

Magnesium and Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Am J Clin Nutr. 2013 Jul;98(1):160-173. Circulating and dietary magnesium and risk of cardiovascular disease: a systematic review and meta-analysis of prospective studies. Del Gobbo LC, Imamura F, Wu JH, de Oliveira Otto MC, Chiuve SE, Mozaffarian D. Source: Departments of Nutrition and Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, Department of Medicine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and [...]

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