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Magnesium and Depression

Best Nutrients for Depression

Scientists have developed a new evidence-based scale that rates animal and plant-based foods that improve depressive symptoms. There is increasing evidence regarding the crucial role that diet plays in brain health, particularly in the areas of depression and dementia, said Drew Ramsey, MD. “The data are very clear that there’s a powerful prevention signal when [...]

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Magnesium and Anxiety

Magnesium Deficiency Induces Anxiety – Expert Article by Carolyn Dean, MD, ND. A 2012 study in Neuropharmacology1 initially sounded promising “Magnesium Deficiency Induces Anxiety and HPA Axis Dysregulation” but then the second part of the title “Modulation by Therapeutic Drug Treatment” made no sense at all.” This study proves that in an animal model magnesium [...]

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Eight Ways to Boost Serotnin and Mood

by Elizabeth Walling (NaturalNews) Our brain produces neurotransmitters like serotonin which play an important role in how we feel each day. Many people experience pain, stress, depression and anxiety associated with low serotonin levels. Fortunately, there are plenty of natural ways we can boost our mood by helping our body produce the right amount of [...]

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Magnesium Health and Depression

Rapid Recovery From Major Depression Using Magnesium Treatment By Eby GA, Eby KL. Major depression is a mood disorder characterized by a sense of inadequacy, despondency, decreased activity, pessimism, anhedonia and sadness where these symptoms severely disrupt and adversely affect the person’s life, sometimes to such an extent that suicide is attempted or results. Antidepressant [...]

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Magnesium: An Effective Holiday Stress Buster

By Carolyn Dean, MD, ND Although stress can come in many forms, both physical and mental, our bodies respond similarly to both stresses by flooding the bloodstream with adrenalin and increasing the need for magnesium to manage the stress. It’s not just a theory that stress causes magnesium deficiency and a lack of magnesium magnifies [...]

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Magnesium and Fibromyalgia

Many thousands of people, mostly women, suffer from fibromyalgia. It’s a poorly understood disorder to some extent and can be quite debilitating. Musculoskeletal pain and fatigue (along with poor sleep) are the primary symptoms, but those afflicted are more likely to have depression and anxiety symptoms as well. There are no definitive biomarkers and no [...]

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