5 Ways Alcohol Affects Your General Health & Fitness Goals

Proper hydration is key for regulating your body’s temperature. When alcohol
is present in your system, there’s a likely chance of overheating and causing
an increase in heart rate. As training and workout performance can depend
on your resting heart rate, this could set you back. Consequently, it could
prevent you from reaching your fitness goals.

Additionally, it’s common to feel nauseous after a night of drinking. But alcohol
can also place other stressors on our bodies. Dr. Carolyn Dean, M.D., author of
the book “Future Health Now Encyclopedia,” notes that alcohol depletes a broad
range of vitamins, minerals, and necessary proteins that help our bodies recover
post-workout. These all directly impact our ongoing training progress, as these
nutrients play a role in acting as our body’s building blocks. One vital
nutrient, in particular, magnesium, is lost with the presence of alcohol.
Magnesium is responsible for relaxing muscle tension, lowering our pulse rate,
and reducing stress levels. All three support proper exercise recovery.

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