Signs of Vitamin Deficiency

Fatigue, exhaustion and/or weakness, muscle aches, tingling, numbness in the fingers and/or mental confusion may not be due to pulling a few all nighters or going overboard in the gym with free weights. These are all signs of vitamin/mineral deficiency. For example – iron is responsible for building red blood cells, which move oxygen around the body. Without enough iron, the body cannot produce these blood cells and the body will lack oxygenation resulting in feelings of fatigue and weakness.

Turns out that sugar craving may be related to a magnesium deficiency. “Chocolate contains a decent amount of magnesium and so our body craves it when it’s running low. It’s also worth highlighting that magnesium is a calming nutrient and can be very useful for people who tend toward anxiety, stress and having a hard time unwinding,” says Katrine van Wyk, author of “Best Green Drinks Ever” and a certified holistic health coach.

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