What Are the Signs of Magnesium Deficiency?

Newsmax Health – Magnesium is an essential mineral and helps nerves, muscles and other parts of the body function properly. A magnesium deficiency disrupts the balance of other minerals, and symptoms range from minor effects to serious reactions.

Adequate supplies of magnesium are needed throughout the body to help maintain cells, build hormones and create energy. Chronic conditions such as liver disorders, kidney problems or heart failure may indicate magnesium deficiencies.

Because magnesium is so important in maintaining and balancing the body’s system, these five signs may suggest a deficiency:

1. Muscle tremors or cramps. Signs of severe deficiencies might include tingling, numbness, muscle contractions, or involuntary eye movements.

2. Irregular heartbeat or coronary spasm, which blocks blood flow to the heart. Severely low levels could cause heart attack or death.

3. Fatigue and weakness. Doctors sometimes recommend magnesium supplements or injections for chronic fatigue syndrome.

4. Irritability, confusion, or even personality changes.

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