Magnesium Helps Getting To Sleep Easier

It’s ironic. Here I am feeling stressed and losing sleep trying to finish a column about how to keep my brain from aging prematurely. Turns out these are two culprits that can speed up the aging process of my poor brain, I learned in a recent seminar by neurologist Dr. Michael Lara.

Chronic stress turns on a type of cellular inflammation that interferes with my brain’s ability to regenerate, Lara told his audience of health professionals. And lack of adequate sleep can negatively affect our ability to think clearly. Oh how I know that.

One way to get adequate sleep is to get enough magnesium in my diet, Lara said. This mineral works on nerve transmitters that slow the brain and make it easier to get to sleep and stay asleep. How much magnesium?…

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Article by Barbara Quinn – registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator in California.

Monterey County Herald

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