Curb Your Sugar Cravings

According to Marie Claire magazine, “Apparently, our daily desperation for a Twix could come down to a lack of magnesium in our diets, which can be to blame for repeated chocolate and sugar cravings.”

Britons eat nearly 700,000 tons of chocolate a year, with the much-adored sugary snack clocking up almost £4 billion in UK sales every year – but as we well know, too much is not really very good for us.

The experts say that 80% of the population lacks magnesium in their daily diet. With the average intake of around 170mg a day, we’re well below the recommended daily allowance of around 350mg – and with magnesium being such a pivotal nutrient fundamental for bone and teeth health, as well as the repairing of cells, our bodies could be in real danger if we ignore its importance.

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