C-Section Recovery and Magnesium

Harvard Medical School and Stanford University School of Medicine researchers have settled on an ideal national C-section rate of 19 percent, but some hospital C-section rates can rise as high as 70 percent.

Though many C-sections are emergent and medically necessary, doctors aim to keep C-section rates within this recommended 19 percent range to minimize unnecessary C-sections that could cause serious complications.

However, it’s almost guaranteed that you or someone you know will have a cesarean delivery. It’s during the challenging first few days (and weeks) after the delivery that it’s critical to focus on C-section recovery to make sure the surgical incision heals completely

As that old saying goes, change comes from within, and C-section recovery also starts from the inside. Eating nourishing foods is the best thing you can do for your body after having a baby and could even make recovery easier following a major surgery. Dr. Carolyn Dean, health, nutrition, prenatal and postnatal care expert and best-selling author, recommends a nutrient-rich diet for C-section moms that is high in magnesium…

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