Stroke and Magnesium Health

Summary By Hans R. Larsen MSc ChE

A study of 98 stroke patients admitted to the emergency room of three hospitals in New York exhibited early and significant magnesium-ion deficits. The stroke patients also demonstrated a high calcium to magnesium ratio, which are signs of increased vascular tone and cerebral vessel spasm.

Source: Altura BT et al., “Low levels of serum ionized magnesium are found in patients early after stroke which result in rapid elevation in cytosolic free calcium and spasm in cerebral vascular muscle cells.” Neurosci Lett, vol. 230, no. 1, pp. 37-40, 1997.
All deaths due to stroke among Taiwan residents (17,133 cases) from 1989 through 1993 were compared with deaths from other causes (17,133 controls). It was determined that the higher the magnesium levels in drinking water used by Taiwan residents, the lower the incidence of stroke.

Source: Yang CY, “Calcium and magnesium in drinking water and risk of death from cerebrovascular disease.” Stroke, vol. 18, no. 8, pp. 411-414, 1998.

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