Preventing and/or Relieving Muscle Cramps

Tips from Jasmin Bedria, Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Specialist.

Muscle cramps and PMS cramps are an incredibly common annoyance that is so easy to eliminate! I have helped a number of women (and men) rid themselves of constant cramping by narrowing down the possible causes and taking simple action. Here is a step-by-step breakdown of potential causes and solutions that I suggest you try in order to nip those cramps in the bud and make your body a happier place:

HYDRATE! I know I am a broken record with this piece of advice, but so many health problems can be lessened or resolved by simply staying hydrated. Drinking water first thing in the morning is ideal, followed by the habit of drinking at least 16 ounces before each meal (plus more if you exercise, do manual labor, are out in the summer heat, or any time you are thirsty). It is also important to eat hydrating foods – like vegetables, greens, and fruits. This provides your body with necessary vitamins and minerals, as well as the water needed to digest optimally and keep your body happy. Additionally, I suggest watching excessive alcohol-intake or coffee drinking and over-consumption of dry or salty foods. All of these things can contribute to even more dehydration within your body, which can cause more cramps (especially if you are dehydrated in the first place)!

TAKE A HIGH QUALITY MAGNESIUM SUPPLEMENT! Magnesium is a vital mineral that is necessary for over 200 functions within the body. Magnesium deficiency happens to be one of the most common culprits of many health ailments people struggle with today – including headaches, unmanageable stress, constipation, insomnia, and muscle tension or cramping. If drinking more water doesn’t do the trick, I strongly suggest trying a high quality magnesium supplement to assist your cramping issues. Magnesium encourages relaxation within the body – including stress and muscle tension – and every client or friend of mine who has incorporated it into their routine has found relief from multiple ailments such as those mentioned above.

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