Magnesium, Nutrition and Exercise

Many people who work out focus on burning fat; however, there are many other nutrients that are equally important in terms of your workout regimen.

Eating the right foods while exercising is essential if you intend to get the full benefits of the workout and not waste the hour or two you spend in the gym.

Below, Dr Alfred Dawes explains how to eat right while on an exercise plan.

In addition to the main nutrient groups there are vitamins and electrolytes which are needed by the body as increased physical activity will require the use of more supplements and will result in increased losses when sweating. Dr Dawes said one example of a mineral that is often overlooked is magnesium.

“Magnesium is found in your foods and if you have a deficiency it may go unnoticed or may reveal itself in the form of cramps during intense exercise. If you find that you are getting cramps or you’re having fatigue easily, which is not in keeping with your workout regimen, then you may have to look at magnesium supplementation,” he said. Other electrolytes such as potassium, sodium and chloride, need to be replenished after a workout or during workout as you may lose quite a bit in sweating. Dr Dawes said a good source is coconut water or natural fruit juices.

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