Magnesium Deficiency and Eye Health

Personal Success with Magnesium Supplementation and Letter of Gratitude:

Hello Dr. Dean, I’m a Mexican dentist, 42 years old. In June 2002, I started feeling “sand” in my eyes and went to an ophthalmologist whose diagnosis was “allergic dermatoconjuntivitis” and [was] prescribed some ointments and drops for my eyes. They didn’t work so I went to see another four ophthalmologists and they changed the diagnosis to “keratitis”. In the meantime I started to develop eye blinking that got worse and worse until it became a severe spasm that I couldn’t open my eyes. I also started having tetany (involuntary contraction of muscles, which may be caused by disease or other conditions that increase the action potential frequency of muscle cells or the nerves that innervate them). From the first doctor until this point, two months had passed. Needless to say that I was desperate and very depressed. I couldn’t work, drive or even walk! Then I went to see a neuro-ophthalmologist who gave me the terrible diagnosis of essential blepharospasm: “essential”, because this means that they don’t know what causes it and of course there is no cure. He also told me that this was known as “Meige Syndrome” and he offered me three options:

1. To take neurological prescriptions (sedatives for life) that had to be changed every three months because they lose their effect.

2. Botox injections, with the risk that the eyelid could drop.

3. A facial nerve blockage (the motor part) in my face (it’s a horrible treatment where they give you shots all around the forehead and eyelids with an alcohol-derived substance; the injections goes to the depth of the bone.

He recommended that I try number 3 first, so I accepted the treatment. This was in August 2002. Let me tell you that it was a HORRIBLE experience. My face was swollen at least five times the normal size and he definitively did something wrong because he left me with facial paralysis on the left side. So, my right eye couldn’t close and my left eye was still closed because it didn’t respond to the shots. He prescribed me cortisone and told me that we had to wait and see what happened. I was feeling miserable.

And then, the miracle happened: I needed something to be fixed in my kitchen so the person who came to do the job brought this book about magnesium (El magnesio elemento clave para la salud, by La Justicia) and it caught my attention because I had started to take a calcium/magnesium supplement because someone had told me that it was very good for stress. By this time I couldn’t read because the eye drops I was using caused mydriasis (excessively dilated pupils). I asked him to lend me the book so I could make a copy to read it later.

The next day he arrived with my copy, and since I could do absolutely nothing else, I made a huge effort and started to read the book, line by line. As I got further and further, I realized that almost everything that I was reading was about the health problems I’ve had my whole life, so I started to take magnesium.

I got magnesium chloride in drops, I started to take them in November 2002 and began to improve week by week. Four weeks later the paralysis was gone and the blepharospasm was improving beautifully. Then I started research on the Internet (that’s where I found out about your book). In December, I went to the US and bought magnesium and started taking 600mg per day in three doses. And besides the blepharospasm and paralysis these are all my other symptoms that are diminishing day by day:

1. Chronic fatigue syndrome

2. PMS syndrome

3. Excessive emotional stress

4. Joint pain

5. Back and neck pain

6. Constipation

7. Anxiety

8. Nervousness

9. Arrhythmia

10. Cystitis

11. Colitis

12. Bad circulation

13. Cold hands and feet

14. Feeling disoriented in space and time

15. Depression without apparent cause and unable to cope with everyday things

16. Flatulence

17. Mood swings

18. Hormonal imbalance

They are not 100 percent gone but almost!!!!!!!! The ’incurable blepharospasm’ has almost disappeared and I feel that it will very soon be gone completely. 
I’m taking magnesium 800mg per day (400mg in the morning and 400mg before going to bed). I’m also taking flax seed oil and a multivitamin for women. So I wanted you to know my story because if someone has had the same diagnosis, I want them to know that there is hope that IS CURABLE with the Miracle of Magnesium. Thank you very much!!!”


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