How To Make a Magnesium Rich Quinoa Salad


2 cups quinoa – Quinoa, cooked,
2 pounds chicken tenders,
1 bunch red kale,
1 bunch green kale,
1 red bell pepper,
1 red onion,
1 large cucumber,
1 cup snow peas,
8oz crumbled feta cheese,

Magnesium Content:

2 cups of Quinoa – 128 mg of magnesium or 32% of magnesium Daily Requirement
2 Bunches of Kale – 2 cups, chopped( 134g) provides 62mg of magnesium or 18% of the Daily Requirement
1 Red Bell Pepper – approximately 11 mg of magnesium or 3% of Daily Requirement
1 Red Onion – approximately 12 mg or 3% of Daily Requirement
1 Large Cucumber Cucumber – approximately 39 mg or 10% of Daily Requirement
1 cup Snow peas – approximately 20 mg or 5% of Daily Requirement

Total Magnesium Content = 272 mg of magnesium – Making this salad come close to 75% of the 400mg of magnesium as the Daily Requirement

Note: This recipe does not call for almonds, however, if you added a half a cup of sliced almonds, you will have added an additional 123 mg of magnesium or 31% of the magnesium Daily Requirement getting you close to the 400 mg minimum Daily Requirement.


Brown your quinoa first in frying pan, with a bit of butter, then cook as instructed on bag

Sauté kale until only slightly firm. Be careful not to fry.  Add garlic salt, pepper, oregano, parsley and basil per your preference.

Sprinkle chicken with garlic salt, pepper, oregano, parsley and basil per your preference.

Chop all vegetables and place in large mixing bowl. Toss together.

When quinoa and kale are finished place in mixing bowl with vegetables.

When chicken is finished cooking chop and mix with the rest of the salad.

Add feta.

Give it all a good mixing. Cover and place in fridge.


Recipe Source: The People’s Chemist


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