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cardiovascular disease and magnesium news

Magnesium Lowers Cardiovascular Disease Risk

Food Product Design – Vitamin D, Nutrients Influence Cardiovascular Disease Risk. Northbrook, IL, USA – Nutritional factors including vitamin D, magnesium and others may influence the risk and progression of cardiovascular disease (CVD), according to new data published in The American Journal of the Medical Sciences (AJMS). Food Product Design…

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healthy supplements for the heart

Magnesium – Heart Health Supplement

Insiders Health – The 10 Best Supplements for Heart Health. Santa Monica, California, USA – Magnesium – this mineral helps to restore the healthy functioning of blood vessels. Magnesium also helps patients with heart disease exercise longer, and recover quicker. Read more…

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magnesium deficiency news

Magnesium Deficiency and Heart Health

Mail Tribune – The Cardio Triangle. Magnesium is integral to cardiovascular health, reducing tension in the arteries. Moderate magnesium deficiency is pervasive among older Americans and can contribute to increased cardiovascular risk, energy deficits, migraines and leg cramps. Mail Tribune…

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cardiovascular health and magnesium

Magnesium Deficiency and Cardio Health

Medical News Today – Low Magnesium Linked to Cardiovascular Disease. Low magnesium levels have been found to be the best predictor of heart disease, contrary to the traditional belief that cholesterol or saturated fat play the biggest roles. Read more…

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calcium magnesium balance news

Calcium Magnesium Balance Vital To Heart Health

Nutraceuticals World – Magnesium Is Key To Calcium Uptake. The British Medical Journal recently published a large analysis based on the results of five clinical trials conducted in the U.S., Great Britain and New Zealand that involved more than 8000 people. The analysis concluded that, “Calcium supplements increase the risk of cardiovascular events, especially myocardial [...]

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blood clotting and magnesium

High Salt & Magnesium Solution Shows Anti-Inflammatory Effects & Restoration of the Blood’s Clotting Ability

Herald Sun – Australian Scientists Say Lab Liquid Shot to the Heart Could Save Dying Soldiers Wounded soldiers or injured civilians in remote locations could benefit in the future from an injection that stabilizes the heart following massive blood loss. Prof Dobson, from James Cook University, said catastrophic hemorrhage was the leading cause of preventable [...]

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coronary disease and magnesium

Magnesium and Coronary Disease

Dig Media – Magnesium Can Fix Your Injury or Disease, Then Vanish. The fact that it is the fourth-most abundant material in the human body is what makes it possible to insert magnesium or magnesium alloys into the human body and leave them to be dissolved without adverse effects. “In addition, because it can be [...]

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magnesium rich foods

Magnesium and Heart Disease – Magnesium-Rich Foods to Prevent Sudden Death. Our story begins 43 years ago with a fascinating paper in the New England Journal of Medicine entitled, “Sudden Death and Ischemic Heart Disease: Correlation With Hardness of the Local Water Supply.” There appeared to be “an increased susceptibility to lethal arrhythmias [fatal heart rhythms] among residents [...]

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magnesium injection

Heart Attacks and Magnesium

Sign of The Times – If You Have a Heart Attack, Insist on Magnesium. If you end up in the emergency room with a heart attack, make sure you insist on a 2 cc injection of magnesium sulfate. In double-blind, placebo-controlled scientific study, they looked at 273 patients who were admitted to the hospital for [...]

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