5 Insomnia Tips To Help You Sleep

Getting a good night’s rest is hard these days, but it shouldn’t have to be. Don’t settle for poor sleep. Instead, use these five tips to gain control of your insomnia and get ready to wake up as a healthier, happier person!

Problem #1: Tense muscles and twitchy legs

Tip: Magnesium

You may as well think of magnesium as the “miracle mineral” because it has a powerful positive effect on your mind and body. If you experience tense muscles or twitchy legs (called myoclonic jerks) at night, then a magnesium supplement may do wonders for you. Magnesium is known to relieve muscle tension, promote sleepiness, relax the mind, and even lower your levels of cortisol, which is your “stress hormone.”

Tip: Look for a powdered magnesium citrate supplement rather than a pill. Powdered solutions are more bioavailable and are absorbed more quickly so you can start snoozing in a blink.

Problem #2: A busy mind

The hack: A “worry journal”

Does your mind come alive the second your head hits your pillow at night? If the cogs in your brain start turning as soon as you need to sleep, then you might want to invest in a “worry journal.” You don’t even have to get a real journal—any loose piece of notebook paper will do for this hack. As you’re getting ready for bed, let your thoughts run wild, and write down every idea, to-do list, and worry you may have. By pouring your thoughts onto paper, you’re giving your brain a chance to let go of them for the night. Once you have them written down, you can rest at ease, knowing that you can pick back up with your ideas in the morning.

Tip: don’t document your thoughts on your laptop or smartphone (see problem #5 for reasons to avoid this)! For best results, use the good old fashioned pen-and-paper technique for this hack.


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