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Radio Interview

Sleep and Managing Stress

In this episode of Community Health Radio, we talk to Dr. Carolyn Dean an author and expert in the fields of sleep and stress management. Dr. Dean has appeared frequently on radio and TV shows as an expert guest and has authored 30 books. She also serves as the medical director for the Nutritional Magnesium [...]

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Cashews and Magnesium

Foods That Help You Sleep

While we are constantly hearing about ways to help us sleep better and longer, from darkening a room to using lavender, there’s something else that could be standing in the way of your slumber – your diet. Here are several food suggestions that could help you with your sleep. Cashew nuts Snack on cashew nuts [...]

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Magnesium Helps Get To Sleep

Magnesium Helps Getting To Sleep Easier

It’s ironic. Here I am feeling stressed and losing sleep trying to finish a column about how to keep my brain from aging prematurely. Turns out these are two culprits that can speed up the aging process of my poor brain, I learned in a recent seminar by neurologist Dr. Michael Lara. Chronic stress turns [...]

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Jet Lag and Magnesium

Magnesium: Reducing Effects of Jet Lag

People with jet lag have their sleep-wake patterns disturbed and have also experienced physical stress from the changes in air pressure during travel. They may feel drowsy, tired, irritable, lethargic and slightly disoriented. Spend as much time as you can while traveling with your eyes closed and relaxing. Even if you can’t sleep, the rest [...]

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magnesium natural sleep aid

Natural Sleeping Aids

By Evita Ochel, CHN It is estimated that 25% of Americans take some type of medication every year to help them sleep. And about 40% of Americans with insomnia self-medicate with over the counter sleep medication. This is not good news for most, as sleeping pills can severely hurt one’s health and sleep cycles, both [...]

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insomnia and magnesium

Prevent Insomnia Naturally

By Cheryl Heppard, CHC Counting sheep can only help to a certain extent when trying to fall asleep. Prescription medications are not a healthy solution to cure insomnia. There are many natural and effective treatments to prevent insomnia and help get a good night’s sleep. * Avoid eating a large meal two hours before bedtime. [...]

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magnesium helps sleep

How Magnesium Helps You Sleep

By Judy Phillips – Master Herbalist When the things that “go bump in the night” seem like sonic booms and wake you from sleep, the problem could be magnesium deficiency. Among its many important qualities, magnesium has a calming effect on the nervous system. In fact, magnesium has recently received considerable attention as an inexpensive [...]

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